Flooring acclimation

Most wood flooring requires an in-home acclimation period of 4-14 days. A 10’x10’ open space for the stack is ideal. We may set up a low speed fan towards the wood. A job start/material payment will be due upon delivery.

Before job start

Furniture needs to be clear of work area. We offer fridge and stove moving depending on job environment. We can provide an independent moving company referral.


We most often start with tearout of existing flooring and removal of baseboard trim. For the duration of the install there will be pounding, sawing and nailing. We set up our saws outside your home whenever possible. You may come and go as needed.


Sanding requires continuous run-time of vacuums and sanders. Draping work for dust mitigation excludes vaulted areas and will be performed as proposed. Use of a 220 volt plug will be necessary. We will have an on-site color sample meeting on your sanded floor. You may access your home as needed until late in the process.


Involves vacuuming, buffing, applying stain or sealer followed by protective finish coats. Limited home access. Last 2 days and 2 nights away from your home recommended. Traffic HD finish allows for sock traffic 4 hours after completion. Replace furnishings after 48 hours (no sliding) Re-place rugs and dogs back on floors after 72 hours.

Follow up

The day after completion, or after the weekend, we meet with clients and make sure we’ve done a Floorwerx job. Normally doors need rehung, wood vents fitted, hardware re-installed and appliances put back. We provide a cleaning kit with maintenance direction and some floor glides. A final payment is due and we’re ready to leave you with your new floors!